Why do we give presents? Because it is a good way to show how we feel about our colleagues, co-operation partners, it is a way to show that we care. A well planned gift offers joy to both, to the giver and to the receiver. You can find sweet handmade products and carefully selected business presents for every life occasion from Margon`s product range.


Presents give joy to the employees as well as to co-operation partners. The present shows the giver`s attitude towards the receiver and shapes the reputation of the giver. Margon`s product range is compiled considering, first and foremost, the quality of it. We offer various processing methods to the goods that are brought from our product range, for example, the silk-screen printing of logos or graving.

The cozy showroom of Margon is a good place to hold meetings or do small seminars. We have the necessary equipment for the seminars (viewer, screen, blackboard, etc) and furniture. The room holds conveniently up to 15 persons. For the asking, it is possible to order delicious snacks for coffee breaks. It is also possible to rent the room for late evenings and for the weekends.

Besides the traditional business presents, the purpose of Margon is also to offer interesting and unique goods from local artists and handicraftsmen. These products have, not like the goods of mass production, a piece of the artists` fantasy and the warmth of their hands.