About us

We have come to stay – that was our creed when we entered the business gift market in 2010. We did not start from the scratch – the experience of our employees in this field dates back to 2000. Having collaborated for years, we have proved our ability to function as a strong, unified team.

We wish our products and valuable advice would contribute to both our present and future customers' progress. For the success of our customers is the key to ours.

Superb quality is the distinguishing feature of our product range. As we know, a gift is the expression of the giver's attitude to the receiver, thus molding he reputation of the former. We wish the gifts our customers give to their customers, employees and business partners would bring joy and retain their value over a longer term. In addition to traditional business gifts, we aim at offering distinctive, unique products from local artists and craftspeople, which, unlike mass production, have a genuine personal touch.

You can look up our product range at the Catalogues' page. In case you cannot find a suitable product in our Catalogues, please contact us.